About us

The Royal Symphonic Wind Band Vooruit is a musical association located in Harelbeke, Belgium. It is conducted by Erik Desimpelaere.

The orchestra is based on an artistic-progressive motivation. In other words: everyone is welcome at Vooruit, disregarding color, class, religion and political opinion. It is music that stimulates friendships and personal development. Vooruit also wants to create a connection between the amateur and professional musical arts.

Our main goal is making music at a high level. This is possible thanks to a choice of repertoire based on thee pillars:

  • original wind band music
  • thoroughly thought-through transcriptions from symphonic literature
  • lighter repertoire & cross-over projects.

All of the previous is accompanied by attention to Belgian composers, conductors and soloists. For this, Vooruit is supported by a professional artistic team that can support, guarantee and elaborate these goals.

Vooruit offers:

  • to every motivated amateur musician: a platform to make music at a (semi) professional level;
  • to the (conservatory) student: the possibility to further develop themselves as part of the preparation for a professional career; and
  • to the professional musician: the possibility to actively support the orchestra with their personal expertise.

Additionally, Vooruit aspires to support anyone willing to further establish their profile within the (professional) (wind band) music world, both within and without Belgum (for instance, through performing as soloist).